Highland Davao Trip In One Day

June 2018, my whole extended family decided to get together at Davao City. Since most of us are busy with work and studies, we only scheduled a one-day bonding at an area where every family would be “meeting half-way”.

Indeed, our one-day bonding was jam-packed. We were able to visit these three must-see places in Davao.

Sonnen Berg Mountain View

This started our day. Best visited at dawn, this place is where you’d be able to see a beautiful sea of clouds as you watch the sun rises. The ambiance is great for a sip of coffee or a “chowkate”. Morning snacks are available in their cafeteria, so there’s no need to worry if you may have dashed without breakfast. Entrance is P50/person. The place is surrounded with pine trees, with pool at the middle and an overlooking view. A piece of advice – go there as early as 5am to have time for an exclusive photo opportunity. Around 6am, people will start coming and it will be hard to get a good capture of the view.

Sonnen Berg Mountain View

Garden of Gethsemane Mountain Resort

I’d say it is one of the best mountain resort I’ve been to. Located in the deepest mountains, I believe (after that long rough road), I was immediately mesmerized by this place. The pool is from a fresh spring running COLD waters and the area is so clean and well-maintained. This place is best for a group retreat or if you just want to relax away from the city. Rooms and rest houses are available for any overnight accommodation.

Here is a photo of their rates :

Garden of Gethsemane Mountain Resort Rates

Bemwa Farm

Trying their desserts, fresh salads and other treats is a must. Surprisingly, they have a wide variety of menu made from their fresh produce. This is a good stop for any travelers who appreciate nature. You can buy fresh organic lettuce or go strawberry picking. The good thing is that the entrance fee is consumable, so there’s no way you wouldn’t be able to get a delicious treat inside and chill.

The one-day bonding experience with my family was so worth it that we chose not to mind the long travel and few hours of sleep. It was a nature trip in one day. So if you are planning to go to Davao, might as well visit these places.





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