What’s Inside Seven Seas Waterpark?

Summer of April 2018, my family and I went to experience Seven Seas Waterpark in Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental. It was actually just a few meters away from our home.

Given that it was a holiday, we were already expecting many people lining up for tickets. The good thing was that we have a relative who is working in one of the hotels in Cagayan de Oro City and they are also selling tickets for Seven Seas. In short, we got tickets from the hotel without spending hours lining up at the waterpark’s entrance. Here is the price of tickets and cottages inside:

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Entrance Rates

There are a lot of attractions you’ll definitely enjoy. Below is a map of attractions inside Seven Seas.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Map

Personal advice, try the slides in Jolly Roger Tower first before going to Pirate Lookout Tower. Why? The slides in Pirate Lookout Tower are more extreme 🙂 So better off start with the slides that would make you want more.

The Attractions

Compass Splash Pad

The welcoming attraction. This starts your thrill to other water attractions inside. Kids love this spot as they would enjoy the water fountain under the heat of the sun.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Compass Splash Pad

Sir Francis’ Garden Courtyard

Update your IG with a summer heat vibe. This area is a good start to your photo journey in Seven Seas.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Sir Francis’ Garden Courtyard

Pirates Caraibes (Aqua Playhouse)

Who tells you that only kids can enjoy the playhouse at a center of a pool? Even kids-at-heart can jump into this attraction and relax in this pool.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Pirates Caraibes (Aqua Playhouse)


Captain Kidd’s Hideout (Aqua Slidehouse)

Again, not only kids can enjoy this short water slide. Never miss this one 🙂

Riptide Reef

It’s a duo slide and the top-most slide in Jolly Roger Tower. The most exciting part was when you and your partner falls down and rebounds. I think that’s what this attraction is about. (Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo while enjoying attractions in Jolly Roger Tower).


It’s one of the relaxing water slides for me. Because it is designed as spiral, the slide was not too fast. Plus, because it is an open-type, you can enjoy everything you see while sliding.

Escape Tunnel

This slide is not scary, but rather exciting. Because it is enclosed, you will never know the next flow of the slide. It’s dark inside and literally, you can’t see anything.


It is a water balloon game found under the Jolly Roger Tower.

Buccaneer Bay

It is considered one of the largest dual wave pools in the Philippines. There is a scheduled time for the waves and you’ll be able to know this because of a loud siren signaling the start of the wave pool attraction.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Buccaneer Bay

Pirate Cave, Shipwreck Island, and Crow’s Nest Aerial Bridge

Found at the center of Buccaneer Bay, these attractions are seldom enjoyed. This is because most people prefer enjoying the water slides more. Undeniably, you’ll notice this because of its design and theme.

IMG_4767 (38)
Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Pirate Cave, Shipwreck Island, and Crow’s Nest Aerial Bridge


It is considered to be the largest waterslide in the Philippines. It is a group slide for 4 people and one of the extreme slides in this resort.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Cyclone

Plank Drop

I didn’t dare to try this. It is considered to be the first vertical aqua loop slide in the Philippines.


It is a 100-meter linear waterslide. The best part of this single slide is the steep flow at the end part.

Cannonball Run

This is considered to be one of the highest and fastest free fall waterslides in the Philippines. The extreme part of this slide is the free fall starting point.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Cannonball Run

Pacific Racer

These three-tubed speed slides need you to use a rubber mat. These are single slides which you can try with a group of friends as there are 3 available slides for this attraction.

Mighty Maui River

Definitely, this is my favorite attraction. It is said to be the longest lazy river in the Philippines at a whopping 400m. When you feel wasted after doing those extreme slides, then you can just relax in this river as you go along with the flow.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Mighty Maui River


This area is a small playground. However, due to summer heat, this is rarely being enjoyed by the people.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Sandbox

Moby Dick Whale

Great for selfies, this attraction is mainly about a big sculpture of the fictional whale in the novel, Moby-Dick.

Moby Dick Whale
Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Moby Dick Whale

Treasure Island Garden Maze

This area, just as its name, is a green-mazed garden where you may want to take a tour when going to Pirate’s Museum or to the Moby Dick Whale.

Pirate’s Museum & Fuerte de San Agustin

I was not able to go inside.  I’m assuming to see some “pirate” things in the museum. They said that the Fuerte de San Agustin is a replica of a cotta or fort watch tower common in the coastal towns of the Philippines during the Spanish era.

Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort Pirate’s Museum & Fuerte de San Agustin


Locker Rooms

Worrying about your things? No problem. Locker rooms are available for rent worth P50.00 only. All you have to do is present a valid id and the staff will provide a key holder which you can wear all the time.

Souvenir Shop

Looking for souvenirs or forgetting your waterproof bag to secure your devices? Then the shop has these things for you.

Food Shops

Take note, NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED. So if you may have brought with you a lot of food, then just leave it inside your cars. There’s no big deal. The foods inside are affordable. It is as if you are just in a fast-food restaurant.


Other things to look forward to…

Pool Party

I’ve been to Splash Island and I’ve only experienced a pool party here in Seven Seas. Around 4PM, people gather at the Buccaneer Bay as the music gets wild and staffs are starting to dance, inviting for a mob dance.

Magic Show

While people are enjoying the pool party, some people prefer to stay at a corner and watch for a magic show.

The Experience

What a day. I conquered my fears. I enjoyed. Was it expensive? Maybe but the experience was definitely worth it.


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