Places To Visit In Misamis Oriental

I’ve been living in this place but it is just recently that people have come to take notice of it due to new emerging beach resorts that gone up trending online.

I’ll be sharing some of the places to visit in Misamis Oriental. We’ve made this trip during the holy week, thus one important consideration is the number of people in the place. We prefer to stay on a less crowded resort which I would recommend as one of the value-for-money beach resorts in Misamis Oriental.

We went to Mastersons Reef and Nature’s Park located in Initao, Misamis Oriental. Entrance fee is just P50 and different sizes of cottages are available inside. Some people tend to book or reserve some cottages ahead. Good thing one family size cottage got free up and we were able to use it for only P500. However, if you have tents on your own, you can just set it up on the grounds for free and there are small cottages good for small groups.



The place is not yet fully developed. However, you can already enjoy the pool, the volleyball area, the relaxing atmosphere and especially the clear beach and the view.



After a long day, you may want to have dinner at a seafood restaurant in Libertad, Misamis Oriental, located just along the hi-way upon going back to Cagayan de Oro city. Actually, we’ve done this on a different day however it is good to note this for your trip plans in the future.

We dined in at Lins Kinilaw Halal where you could see a very beautiful sunset view while eating with your family. The food price is same as an average restaurant. But what you could really enjoy the most is the scenery. Good time to visit the place is around 6pm so you could get a glimpse of the sunset.


That’s it! Looking forward to updating this post soon once I get a chance to visit other different places in MisOr.

Hope this helps when planning your small trip in Misamis Oriental. Feel free to leave comments!




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