How To Spend Time In Prayer

As our lives become too busy, we sometimes miss out important things like having deep conversations and pausing for a while to listen. This is not just an issue with your loved ones or family, but also with God.

Why pray? Well, it is our vital breath. Prayer is our communication with God. As long as you are talking to God, you are praying, we know that and I bet anyone could do that easily. Even right now as you are reading this post, you can pause for a minute to say ‘Hey God, thanks for everything today’ and that’s a prayer. However, what I would like to share with you is about a prayer that makes you grow.

I have been given a 30-min segment in church every Sunday to share some basic topics to grow in our walk with God. And I guess, this site could also be a good platform to share these things too.

The key thing here is that if you want to grow in your spiritual life and go deep in God, then spend time in prayer. Not just pray when you have time but have time to pray.

Yes, it is not that easy, I know. But it all begins with you desiring it. If you desire Him that much, then it will just be as simple as never missing out to open your Facebook in a day. It becomes a habit, a lifestyle.

I want to share some basic insights I have gained from David Sumrall’s book New Life Course.

1. Set Time

This is not just about praying before meals like three times a day or a one-second deep breath of ‘Lord help me’. It is more than that. It is allocating a percentage of your 24hours to talk to God. Set a schedule, your quiet time. Mornings? Evenings? Restroom? Park’s bench? Regardless. I prefer to have an evening talk with God before sleep. I’m more awake and I can easily gather my thoughts after the day. Plus, it’s quiet since most people are already asleep. What really matters is the TIME and the place at your best.

In Psalms 5:3, even David spent a regular time with God.

2. Prepare Yourself

Have you ever had an appointment with a CEO in your company? How about walking through the door for that dream interview? Don’t tell me you’ll just step out unprepared. When you are meeting someone very important, you FOCUS and GET READY. I don’t mean getting dressed up to look holy or anything. What I mean is that when setting time to talk to God, you leave that baggage out of your mind and getting prepared not to be distracted by anything. Turn off the phone if necessary, leave those household chores, or even finish everything first, like your night beauty rituals, before praying.

I’ve experienced that feeling of talking to someone who was busy texting and just nodded his head to whatever I say. Not to mention that someone too who actually talked to you while his eyes were on the tv. I can’t really tell how much of his words were sincere.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you are not ought to pray while in jeepneys or while driving. I’m talking about a different view of prayer – again, a prayer that will make you grow spiritually 🙂

Thus, it is really essential to prepare our minds and hearts to pray.

3. Organize Your Prayers

Would you spend for a long distance phone call without planning what to say? I experienced that time I prayed with a sleepy head. My prayers were repetitive as if I’m singing my favorite chorus twice. And sometimes when you don’t think of what you are going to say to God, you might get distracted along the way. I don’t mean using a memorized or a repetitive prayer reading just to be organized. Again, when our goal is to get deep in God, personal prayers really matter. But maybe a prayer list could help to organize your thoughts and track those prayer requests. Nothing is wrong with that. As long as you mean what you say and you are focused and sincere with your prayers. It has been my habit to pen down my prayer requests since I was a teen. And one advantage of it is that I’m able to track my answered prayers and unanswered prayers which I’m more grateful for because now I realized how beautiful God’s plans are than mine. And with this, I have seen how God has been good to me throughout these years.

But you know, praying is not just about saying what you wanted to and getting answers from God. Praying is basically giving your time to him.

In all relationships, one major element of intimacy is TIME. So if you want to get close to the One who created everything, invest time in prayer. 🙂

And that’s it for now.  Hope this inspires you. Praying for an effective prayer life moving forward for all of us.

I’ll keep my inspirational posts updated weekly. Feel free to drop a comment or leave some inspirational thoughts!

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