Hundred Islands & Bolinao Falls – Pangasinan Trip

Exactly two years ago on this day, we had a memorable trip with my friends to Alaminos, Pangasinan. It was actually our first trip together and we had it during the Holy Week. (Sorry, I could have shared this sooner. I was just reminded by Facebook today :))

It was a long tiring trip, as we travel immediately from our work and then to the crowded bus terminal for Pangasinan. What would you expect at a time like this?! Nevertheless, everything was worth it.

Our friend already booked an affordable camp-type inn where we could stay for 3 days and 2 nights. The place was really simple yet comfortable and it was one of the first best experience ever. We slept in extraordinary cute nipa huts and tents 🙂 The place allows bonfire and karaoke too. A value for money stay for sure. 🙂


Anyway, if you’d like to book ahead for your stay, you can always check for any perfect accommodation in (I always recommend this as I have used this for all of my trips & staycations). Plus, you’ll get a 10% cash reward upon checkout when you book through my link!

We arrived in Alaminos, Pangasinan by noon. Our day one then started. We immediately went to Bolinao Falls, Pangasinan. We spent the whole afternoon splashing the clear waters, jumping from the falls and rowing the bamboo-made float. Just like the old childhood days. We fell ourselves to sleep after dinner on this long, long day.


Our day two was jampacked with hundred islands tour. We rented a boat for this island hopping activity. One thing I’ll never forget though was meeting a new friend from Australia. He was a lone traveler.


And the tour went on. Our first stop was at Governor Island where we saw a view of the hundred islands. Sorry, I can only remember the name of this island.

The island hopping continued – swimming, going into caves, and snorkeling.

I really saw a very beautiful natural design as we hopped from one island to another. We’ve also hopped on an island where other activities like banana boat riding, parasailing, helmet diving, etc. were available. However, we no longer opted to spend more on those activities as there were many people lining up for those as well. So maybe a piece of advice would be to schedule your trip on non-peak days.

Nevertheless, what we’ve actually gained on that island were more foreign friends whom we shared our lunch with. That was unexpected yet fulfilling.

What we’ve brought home were not just experiences but memories.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t give you any other more helpful information about traveling to Pangasinan as I can’t remember the details about our trip such as expenses. However, I hope that this post is able to give you a glimpse of Pangasinan that certainly you would love to see and experience.

Hope this motivates you. Feel free to drop a comment or suggestion.

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