Travel Checklist – Things To Do Before Traveling Abroad

I bet anyone who’s bound to travel out-of-the-country is as very excited as missing some important ‘traveltodo’ preparation. Our minds started to wander on those planned tourist attractions that we somehow forget the things to do when we go abroad.

I’ll be sharing my important travel checklist and travel tips in here. This is not just a travel packing list of things to bring like, of course, passport, OOTD wears, high-end photo-capturing devices, etc. Listed below are the important things to do before traveling abroad to make the most of your trip smoothly and also, without spending much.

1. Time-Saving Itinerary

Rarely anyone would miss this. However, I’m not just talking about where to go on day one and what to do on day two. How about planning for a route that would make you spend less and comfortable at the same time? Don’t just spend your hours for the travel time. List down all nearby attractions and start mapping your route for day one, day two, and so on.

Kuala Lumpur Map

And of course, don’t forget to pen down your itinerary on a paper or save it on your phone’s notes with a proper timeline (date will do, not necessarily with time). An immigration officer will check this before you leave the country. They are very strict so better be accurate 🙂

2. Money-Value Accommodation

Once your itinerary has been laid down, it’s time to book the best inn/hotel for your trip. Things to consider when choosing where to stay are the location, price, reviews, and mode of payment. There are inns/hotels which are in good locations and offering good prices but you need to do a prepayment. Most of the time, we choose hotels that offer reservation without charge. Fortunately, made it easy for me as I was able to reserve for a room without prepayment. I’ve been using this site throughout my travels and staycations (I think more than 5 times already) so guaranteed convenient and credible. I was able to book for a room in an inn at a very low rate. The good thing here is that I was able to choose an inn in a very good spot. Almost all of the attractions are just a few walks away so I have saved enough on transportation expenses. It is also surrounded by affordable fast food restaurants and stalls, souvenir shops and convenience stores, plus the train station is just right at the corner.

So if you want to check for a perfect accommodation anywhere in the world, you can book through this link. Plus, earn a 10% cash reward upon checkout!

3.  Affordable Transportation

Know the mode of transportation in your destination and checkout for the cheapest way possible. Book ahead if necessary. Good thing I was able to prebook AirAsia’s Skybus before the trip so I was able to save 4RM on our transportation to and from the airport. Moreover, I’ve also downloaded the UBER app as I have searched for reviews and found this to be affordable and handy. Indeed, it was really useful at the time when we need to go to the Skybus station at dawn and the train operates at 7am. No taxi along the streets. Walking is not an option as it would only delay us from our scheduled flight. With just a click, we were able to book for a car and spend just 4RM, compared to riding a taxi which would cost us around 8RM.

IMG_4550 (2)
SkyBus at KLIA2

4. Best Cash Exchange Conversion

This changes from time to time, however, this can be a good consideration. Sometimes to get the most of your money, you have to convert it from currency to currency. But this is not always the case. I was advised before to convert my Philippine peso to USD and then MYR. However, I was able to get more when I converted my peso to MYR directly, like a 7RM more. The difference might not be too far, but with this amount, you can actually buy a two-way train fare or 3 liters of water. So, it actually depends on the value of the currency.

Few Ringgits Left From My Trip

5.  Travel Tax & Terminal Fee

When you are too focused on your trip’s budget, you forgot to set aside some for your travel tax and terminal fee. Yes, it happened to me 🙂 I wasn’t able to check if my travel tax was included in the plane ticket and I forgot that I have to pay the terminal fee at the airport. Note that as of March 2018, the terminal fee ranges from P550 to P700 per person for international flights and the full travel tax is P1,620 for passengers on economy class plane tickets and P2,700 when flying first class.

Davao International Airport

6. Leave certification, old passport, and other important documents.

Don’t just be too lax as if you are just going on a domestic trip. Prepare all necessary documents like leave certification, old passport, employment ID and booked itinerary for your return – any evidence that you’ll be returning to the Philippines. If it’s your first time abroad, leave certification, employment ID and return ticket can be very useful. However, if you are a frequent traveler, the old passport and return ticket is good enough. It actually depends on the immigration officer, so just pray that your interview and assessment will go smoothly 🙂

IMG_4518 (2)
Philippine Passport

That’s it. Once you’ve passed the immigration, you are ready to fly!

Hope this helps. Feel free to drop some comments and suggestions.

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