Top Things To Do In Kagoshima, Japan (Part 1)

As shared in my previous blog post, I was able to visit Japan for FREE due to training opportunity offered by our company. Nevertheless, I was able to experience Japan to my heart’s extent without spending my own money and allowance – thank you for my generous company and client 🙂

With this, I’ll share with you the top things to do in Kagoshima, Japan.

1.Eat authentic Japanese cuisines.

I bet everyone will agree with this – I mean you need to eat! You know, though we’ve eaten Japanese food while in the Philippines, it is much different when you are able to taste authentic food made by Japanese chefs, using Japan-made ingredients, in a Japan-ordered kitchen, prepared in Japan-made utensils as you eat with chopsticks in Japan! Yeah, that was absolutely great. Plus, you are having a meal in a chabudai” – the known short-legged table in Japan.

2. Try Japan’s fast food.

Though we would always be looking for authentic Japanese cuisines, I tell you this – try also some fast food in Japan. Though we know popular fast food chains have been circulating all over the world, there’s a big difference in how these fast food restaurants are being managed in line with a country’s culture. We tried the popular McDonald’s fast-food chain and unbelievably, I can’t see any crew aside from one who’s on the counter (or maybe I was blinded with joy). I mean, really? Who would clear up the table after we eat? You and me 🙂 Yes, Japanese are known to be courteous and this relates to the fact that once you are finished with your meal, you clean your own table and throw your trash on proper bins in respect to the next user. I’m not sure if this goes all around Japan, but knowing this makes me more impressed with the Japanese culture!


3. Go to Yakiniku restaurants.

Don’t just go but experience 🙂 Grilling meat is not just known for Koreans as you see in K-dramas but it is also popular in Japan. Who wouldn’t love to grill meat with your friends and just laugh and talk nonsense? Everyone’s enjoying the food and the talks. We did it on Friday night just after our working hours with all our Japanese friends. Yeah, the best way to begin the weekend.

4. Taste Japan’s Amaou strawberries.

Amaou strawberries are available from winter to spring, and luckily we went to Japan on this season 🙂 These are great for eating simply fresh. Because Amaou strawberries are aesthetically beautiful, they are used for decorating cakes in Japan. These are produced exclusively in Fukuoka prefecture. Never miss out to taste these bright berries!


Oops, I guess I started everything with food 🙂 It goes to show my inner happiness haha. There’s more to share on my next blog post– places to go and more things to do. Promise, I won’t just mention food 🙂


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